Author: Martin Etchart, Senior Computer Vision Scientist at Ulta Beauty

As we faced the challenge of working from home amid a pandemic, while Ulta Beauty temporarily became an e-commerce only business we recognized an opportunity: boost our AI experiences by accelerating a cross-team image labeling project at-scale. Being prepared, quickly prioritizing, and embracing failure as a possible outcome is a part of what we do with Digital Innovation at Ulta Beauty.

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For 8+ weeks, we had an opportunity to bring the expertise of 60+ beauty associates from the Ulta Beauty stores into the domain of image labeling for machine learning…

Authors: Michelle Pacynski — VP Digital Innovation at Ulta Beauty, Agustina Sartori — Founder & CEO GlamST (acquired by Ulta Beauty), currently Director AR Innovation at Ulta Beauty.

The Ulta Beauty Digital Innovation team was formed two years ago and has evolved in terms of size and how we are infused across the company to bring to life digital experiences for and with our guests.

We approach technology with a guest-centric lens; never deploying tech for tech’s sake but always creating improved, relevant, and differentiated experiences.

Ulta Beauty created the Digital Innovation team in early 2018, with its first technology

Authors: Agustina Sartori — Director AR Innovation at Ulta Beauty, Martin Etchart — Senior Computer Vision Engineer

Let’s start with the basics. Augmented Reality is an interactive technology experience that augments the physical environment in the real world by overlaying computer-generated information, colors, textures, objects, and digital content.

In the past 18 months, Ulta Beauty has launched three AR experiences in its Android and iOS app. Our goals were to create fun, interactive ways to explore, experience, and help choose the best products for you.

Realism and personalization are at the center of what we do. You can experience authentic…

Authors: Agustina Sartori, Founder & CEO at GlamST, acquired by Ulta Beauty in 2018. Currently Director AR Innovation @ Ulta Beauty

Prior to being acquired by Ulta Beauty, my startup GlamST was based in Uruguay and San Francisco. We worked with world-class brands and I liked working with Ulta Beauty as a partner — there was something special about the leadership team. We both cared about the same things, our values and vision aligned, and in front of us stood a huge learning opportunity.

The opportunity to be part of a retail and beauty leader such as Ulta Beauty would…

Digital Innovation at Ulta Beauty

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